Barcelona; an ode to Gaudí. 

Waking up was the hardest part. After the day before yesterday we kind of drank a bit too much, yet had such a fun time! My roommate and I obviously didn’t wake up at 6:30 am to be ready at 8:30 when we all got to the hotel at 4 am… So, as soon as we understood that the group left us, we took out time to have a decent breakfast and look at the itinerary so we could meet up with the group.

They were going to Parque Güell in the morning, and then to Mies Van Der Rohe’s Pavilion, so we looked at the time and thought we could meet them in the later. When we arrived at the Pavilion we were lucky enough to find it crowd-less, so we enjoyed the space in silence and with all it’s splendor. He (Mies Van der Rohe) works on simplicity but in a way that no other architect does or at least had done in the 20’s, thus starting a “revolution” in the way architecture was seen.

As we kept waiting for the group we went to the Caixa Forum, also intervened (i don’t know the architect), yet we went to see the art expo exhibited there. Totally incredible, I must say. Mostly about photography, so it really did get to me.

When the group arrived, the pavilion was full of people… We stayed there for about another hour and then went for lunch to the Arenas, the old Plaza de Toros (Bull Arena), that was stripped from it’s old use and intervened by Richard Rogers to become a Mall.

A quick nap on the bus made our next visit be much more energetic; the amazing Sagrada Familia by Gaudí.

Wow. A total masterpiece of Art. I can genuinely say i did not speak since i step foot inside this beautiful structure. In 5 different spots I cried from how beautiful and amazing it is to be walking inside this structure. You do feel God shining above you and through you, mostly because Gaudí had that connection with nature and God. You feel that in the air and in the perception of the space around you. I just can’t explain. This just made my trip worth it. I would have paid anything to be here and perceive this.

The inside of the masterpiece.
Impacted from what i saw i was ecstatic to see more, so we headed to Parque Güell even though the light was starting to diminish in hopes of seeing the most of it. We had that luck! Walking around the park and looking at the amount of detail and time it would have taking this master to finish everything he did (almost, not the Sagrada Familia) in the park, mesmerizes you and you get to understand and remember that this brain of a person was once a man just like me. He was none other than a visionary and an observer of his surroundings. He was a VERY humble man devoted and lover of the work he did, but always thinking everything in the least egocentric type of way.

At last, the sun came down so we headed to the Barceloneta, a strip along the beach with many restaurants and bars for dinner. We enjoyed an incredible last meal in Barcelona and concluded our day. I came back so tired that my last post was kind of sloppy, i’m sorry about that.


  1. vkrivas says:

    Gaudi is one of my favorite artists. His work is truly unparalleled and a must see for all travelers in Spain. I love the pictures!

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