To All of You.

So, what to post about?

Yes, I live in Paradise; a small country in the middle of the amazingly huge “Americas” called Costa Rica. We are the bond between the North and the South, and it’s where most birds have to travel through when they migrate in different stages of the year. That’s the main reason why we have more variety of birds in our forests than Canada and the United States [857 species, in fact] combined.


Even so, Paradise is a common misconception, given that by that term all of you feel that beaches and forests surrounds us, and that we live stress free from every problem. Well, we don’t. We still have a job to attend to, a family to take care, relationships to grow and dogs to nurture. But on the other hand, we truly are lucky to have beaches really near from the capital. We are always as near as about 2 hours  to the beach or a rainforest (by car) from any point of the country, aprox (I’m right, open your mouth in awe, don’t google it. *Googles it and doesn’t find it*).

So, what I think is more important in what I’m writting, is to try and give you my opinion of life and what makes me happy from inside this 51,100 km2 country, or inside this 1260cm3 [I love Wiki] brain. Paradise is everything. Paradise is that way you feel wherever you are; your planet, or your skin, so try and give life to that Paradise with different perspectives and you will always find Perks.

Just let me show you how to fill your shoes differently and where they can take you.

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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