Getting your Hands on Fresh Air

WAKE UP! Smell fresh air!  You’re in paradise, one of the world’s smallest yet most nature abundant country in the planet!

So, say; it’s a friday and you decided not to go out because all of your friends are in a party you were not invited to, or your girlfriend (or boyfriend) went out with his/her friends and you just decide to chill at home. Cool. You play a movie on Netflix and cry your eyes out with the 29834234 time you watched Titanic, I don’t know. But the best thing about it all is that you get a lot of rest and the next day’s going to be Saturday. So you hit one of your best hommies and decide to do something different. So, here’s a list of 4 things you might want to try out on a different weekend out here in the tropics!

1. Waterfalls

You’ve heard of them. They truly are amazing. Maybe you’ve heard that somewhere around Santa Teresa or Malpaís there are some amazing waterfalls to jump into. That’s totally true; believe:


Man Jumping from Malpaís Waterfall

But, you don’t have that much time, so you search for “Waterfalls near San Jose, Costa Rica”. You’d be surprised to know that there are plenty, most of them near the Arenal Volcano, but there are others not so far away. La Paz is a very popular one, surrounded with a lot of nature, a place you might actually feel inside the forest. I, instead, went to Parque Recreativo Los Chorrosin Grecia, a small waterfall with some places to walkthrough and still explore a wide area, fun for kids and family, totally recommended if you’re stressed out and need to reconnect with nature and disconnect from society.


Young man Walking through pathway to the Waterfall.

2. Biking

As there are beaches in this amazing country, there are roads and paths to follow on a bike. Probably, and if not, certainly, your bike is hanging on some hooks on your garage facing down, all rusty and dirty from the first and last time you drove it on a family trip. IT’S TIME TO WASH THAT DIRT OFF. Get it nice and clean, we’re going for a ride out!


Your bike on your car; that’s the most important step.

You do have sporty friends, I know that. HIT THEM UP. They’ll gladly say “Finally, you decided to do some exercise.”, and they’ll show you some pretty awesome places to view and get some adrenaline pumping!

3. Climbing.

I know you think you’re not good at it because you’ve never tried it, or you think that maybe “climbing” means “hiking” and you’re wrong in both of those. You can go climbing for a day, and also participate on some amazing views with amazing people.

A young climber getting his hands ready to climb the rocks in front of him.

Add some Edge to your Weekend.

Escalada Cachí is an amazing place to have fun with your friends and try out climbing a 90° rock wall with the help and security of the staff over there. You might want to climb or maybe just see your friends climb and then head to a natural pool near the river located on a path near the wall.


Ok, probably not that new for us living here, but hey, it’s a better option than sitting down at your desk waiting for something non-important to happen. Go skimboarding, go surfing, snorkel, or just relax on the beach! It’s always soothing to hear the sound of the waves crashing in the sand. Drink a piña colada out of a freaking real piña and stay to watch the sunset.


I bet non of your friends will say “no” to this.

These are just some of the amazing perks that we as Costarrican’s or travelers visiting the amazing country, have. The Best thing about all this is that whatever you do, you can be back for dinner time at your house and not worry about being late. Well, if you add “camping” to any of these you’ll get a much better experience, more time, and probably plan to go somewhere not that frequently visited, therefore, less crowded.


Don’t forget your friends!

Find yourself through whatever you do. If it’s sports, if it’s sightseeing if it’s relaxing; find yourself and any experience you have will be gratifying to your soul and it won’t just last a moment, it will last a lifetime.

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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