Leading lines and Rythm

imageThe London bridge and it’s Weather

Walking, walking, walking and staring in awe at magnificent perspectives of the city; that’s what happened yesterday in the city of London. I still have sore feet from it, yet it was totally worth it.

The scale of this city is incomparable from any other. Richard Rogers and Norman Foster have taken over this side of the city, having their fair share of skyscrapers and proyects around the area.


There is always something to see above the horizon that takes you to some time in history with characteristic façades and rhythm. Textures are really important and separates each building from it’s neighbor. Glass is constantly a mayor characteristic and there is always a leading line or axis that fades away in the horizon or takes your view to a landmark far away.


What I feel is yet more interesting than any of these, is the city’s preservation and will to never let go of it’s language. Façades are kept and the internal architecture is modified, changing the program inside, yet keeping the view of the city intact.


There is still planty to reveal in the city, and we will probably be lucky enough to see most of it. We’ll keep walking and exploring.



Lloyd Building – Norman Foster



Foster Intervention on the Britain Museum

“Our future is greater than our past” – Ben Okri

That’s a quote written on a war memorial we visited, and it sums up our experience and our lives. Nothing will be greater than what is yet to be lived.

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Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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