Sketches vs Photography

First off, I’m not going to point out the pros and cons of each, I’m just going to give you a point of view on what I think while taking pictures.

I love photography, I really do. It drives me crazy when I know I didn’t bring my camera to a place where I perfectly could have and realizing I have a beautiful shot in front of me that I missed. It happens all that time and it’s called Murphy’s Law. But well, on the other hand, when that happens, you realize that for once (at least on my way of thinking it), you are truly living and digesting that moment. Sketches, make you see this in another way, and work totally different than pictures.

When I happen to stumble with these scenarios, I quickly realize that shooting is not letting me remember that moment as much as I want to. Yes, I can view it later, but then again, what happened with the essence of that particular time? That, in the most part, is where I lower my camera and view the place, and live it. When I am lucky enough to be carrying my sketchbook, I simply stop, get my pen and start drawing.

I really have found that the places I remember the most and more vividly were the ones I have sketches of. So, here are just some of the things I sketched while traveling, so I hope you find it interesting, try to lower the camera for a second and try it! You don’t have to be insanely good at this, just free your hand and do as you can!


Staircase in Assisi, Italy. No one passed by and it really felt peaceful.


Train seat. We passed plenty of time traveling through train, I could at least honor it.



L’Hemisfèric, City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava.



Templo de Debod, Madrid. The last monument I visited through my traveling.

I do my best in the least amount of time. Don’t worry, they’re sketches, they don’t HAVE to be perfect. Later on, if you happen to want to make it better you just do it again having that first sketch to guide you!

Hope it helps somehow!

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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