Finca Agroecológica La Flor

I love taking my weekends on new adventures. This one in particular was full of knowledge, meditation, relaxation, yoga and great food!

As we climbed Cartago’s mountain in our way to the locus, we almost get lost. Waze didn’t really want to work so everyone in the car opened up their smartphones and put on google maps and others tried Waze again. The thing is, we ended up going around not very good roads full of rocks and small houses in the middle of nothing, it was kind of fun, though. Finally we arrived at Finca Agroecologica La Flor.

This Finca is run by working people who want to be more into taking care of nature and respecting it as much as we possibly can. They have amazingly grown a large amount of secondary forest where once there was none, and have worked for years on to make it as vast and tall as possible. Little by little, the forest has grown to bring birds and other mammals, but yet there is much to do and work for. Their techniques of growth have involved even building their spaces with Bahareque, an ancient technique used by our ancestors to build their houses with mud. They have worked with it and studied it to fit the standards of the Costa Rican Building Code, yet have not been able to present it and make it “legal” again.

This technique was taken off the Code because may homes had gotten destroyed on important earthquakes many years ago, due to the fact that they didn’t have the tools necessary to understand how to improve the architecture and make it strong enough to withstand the shaking of the Earth. Now, we do, and if people knew of it, they could build their own houses with their own hands and not worry about having to buy external materials, and slowly, be in balance with nature.

The Finca also has a bee sanctuary, if you’ve heard, this is amazing news and also shows that the electromagnetic field in this place is one of the best (because bees move with electromagnetic fields and they also are the reason why we are still alive.) The place also has a meditation room far from the rooms, a Vegetarian Restaurant, offices and cabins. It’s know for people coming to volunteer and learn about nature, how to live and care for nature resources around us, how to grow food and medicinal plants, etc. They even have cows, horses, ducks, geez, goats, and hen, from which they also produce food and milk, and they don’t kill them for their meat, therefore, are vegetarian. You have no idea how amazing their cooks are, they really have a great kitchen, which, by the way is powered by wood that makes everything taste 1000 times better.

On our stay, we did lots of yoga, meditation, we walked through the forest and learned about the plants. They also taught us about how to grow different medicinal plants, how to make compost, how the finca helps the people in the area with different knowledge, etc. It was a very pleasing weekend where we shared with amazing people! Everyone who went had different points of view in life and spirituality, and even if everyone had different points of view, we fed from their stories and experience, and that made the weekend very enriching.

Enough talk! I’ll leave you with the gallery of the pictures I took, and I hope you enjoy them!

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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