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We vibrate. That’s not an assumption, it’s a fact.

Everything vibrates. The drink you’re sipping right now and it’s smell, the table you’re working on, the light that’s coming into your room, the sound of birds chirping, or even your still body at the moment. It’s vibration that cause attraction between the things that moves you, and it’s also vibration that repels you from the things that don’t. You are always vibrating because atoms are moving, and atoms need to move in order to keep your body in one piece; they are in a constant exchanging on energy so that their composition never fades.

The people you meet, the people you have around you, they externalize a vibration through corporal language, sound, thoughts. They are vibrating at a pace that can make you feel uncomfortable or at home. That’s the reason why you feel “weird” when someone you don’t know enters a room you’re in with an attitude, and suddenly you’re angry too and you don’t know why. Or, on the other hand you’re start feeling happy when someone is overly smiling and being positive with the people around them. Vibration comes with anything around you. The sun vibrates at a pace that causes light, and being out in the sun gives vitamin to your skin, therefore making you feel better; happy. That’s why most of us like the beach so much, and also why Nordic Countries have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when winter strikes and sunlight is low.

Friends make you move at a higher vibrational rate.

Friends make you move at a higher vibrational rate.

Somebody in a movie called “Into The Wild“, told you that Happiness is only real when shared” (If you haven’t seen it, go. You must). By this, what I have come to understand is actually a term referred to vibrations. When you share happiness, you’re externalizing a vibratory rate that is moving the people around you. Your aura or energy is moving so that the people around you move at that pace. When you are overwhelmed by a sight you see and feel awed by it, that vibration of comfort and sense of wholeness is fed to those who stand by your side. You vibrate at a higher rate when you are doing what you like doing the most. Such happens with love

Here comes the tricky part. Vibrations change. No one vibrates at the same pace as you. Maybe you were born on a family that doesn’t understand your points of views, or maybe your friends get closer to other people because they find comfort in their energy. DONT WORRY. Such like they change, you change. Maybe your job is not letting you be who you want to be, and you are not vibrating like you should. Maybe the person you thought you loved stopped vibrating at your rhythm, maybe you don’t feel attracted by the house you’re living in at the moment. Who knows? But who told you that you should be static with your life? Who told you that your first or next love will be your only? Who told you that you will find comfort in the first job you got, or the only career you have studied? 


Paths are to be crossed, consciously.

Stop right there and re-think a little bit. You are in control. You own your body and your decisions. You own the space around you and who you get along with. If you are not comfortable with who you have a relationship with, then get to know the source of the problem and tackle it, because time is gold, and some other person, vibrating similarly to you might be waiting for that change to be made. But, also have your priorities in mind, and understand that you have to be happy in order to make others happy. A doctor can’t cure an illness if he hasn’t cured himself yetThat’s when things start to get better AND unexpected. You meet people when you thought you never would, jobs start to get more fulfilling and get more interesting with better experiences, friendships come, and others go, but it’s always a cycle, unstoppable but necessary.


Make your vibration bigger, and more people will be attracted to it.

Be wary of this affirmation. Such like they are others like you that will lift you, some will look at that light and try to turn it off because they don’t like others shining above them. That’s when you have to be true to yourself and never let others break you apart. Higher vibrations make others feel better, but there is always jealousy and ego that doesn’t let others accept people for who they are and for the good things they have to offer, mostly because they feel like they are better than you in everything they do. Those people one day will understand that making others feel worse will only make their own vibrations smaller, and they won’t attract the right people. But, above all, there is always time to change.

For what I have learned through my 23 years of life, is that everything is a process, and even if you feel “stuck” in some areas of your life, don’t change that course unless barriers don’t let you cross. That is, only if you have tried going under it, above, and by it’s sides. If the answer is in the other side and you could cross it, then the barrier was just a lesson, if you had to change your course, then it’s also a lesson because you only got stronger for your next challenge. Just remember, what you were seeking was probably not on the other side of that wall, there was something bigger and better waiting for you in another path, so don’t be afraid to change it, don’t get really stuck staring at a big white thick wall and crying over the fact that you couldn’t make it.


Walk that path not with a burden, but with a tool to let you land better on your feet if necessary.

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Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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