Seek, seek, seek!


Find your madness, let it take over.

There is not a single human being that has ever experienced some kind of madness; you are not an exception. Go back, remember. Who are you? Where are you going? Well, follow that madness, you never know. Let me explain.

Say, you’re sitting at a bar, let it be that case, you’re over there ‘chillin’ with your friends, drinking a beer or just chatting with them. Sometimes you start to wonder out of your head, floating around in space, not even thinking about what you’re talking about, but being present at a past moment or memory. You get emerged by a feeling of nostalgia, longing, or even just ecstatic that your consciousness is drifting far away from the present moment. Be wary about these lucid awareness; they might be key to your understanding of the place that you might belong to, or be your home. You randomly smile. Your friends feel this, they too, smile, and ask you. That’s when you get grounded back to Earth. They might call it madness, but you might probably just have experienced a very important thing: your own understanding.

Madness comes often and in many different ways. Why do I say it’s “madness”? Because they are probably ideas that are locked inside your subconscious that have not yet been explored, and for the conscious mind they are “impossible” or simply crazy.

A shirtless young man jumping inside the ice-cold water of Mirror Lakes at Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

I guess this is my madness…

There are always points in life where paths start to get crossed, lines have to be drawn so as to know your limits, then, you have to jump over them too. That decision usually involves some kind of madman. For example; that same bar night you had first walked in and there was a really cute girl sitting with her girl-friends, and you saw her staring at you for a couple of seconds (applying to both sexes). Do you just sit there waiting for things to happen or are you going to get your butt off that chair and do something about that really cute girl? How would you know if she wasn’t waiting for you to invite her to a beer or just go and talk to her because she was too shy to do it herself? How do you know that probably that girl might be the one who accompanies you through the rest of your life? What if she was there to make you meet the girl who accompanies your through the rest of your life? It’s only an analogy that can be applied to any future decision of your life.

How do you know if those dreams are not, right now, waiting for you to get off your ass and start crossing your own limits? Remember, limits are a pure production of your human mind. It is your capacity to stand up when you have to and start building yourself up from zero that is going to define your future.

A young adult whit his backpack contemplating the view before him, at Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

You are your own limitation.

Ok, probably this all sounds farfetched when your goal is not around the corner and probably seems waaaaaaaaay too “imposible” to get. Tell me, who, in the history of mankind was ever born learnt? Who in the history of mankind was born, stood up, started running, and then gave a spectacular speech about Nuclear Physics? I know; nobody. So why are you so desperate to get there when the steps that you are taking are leading you to become who you were meant to become?

Things will happen. Good and bad. But they are only Lego pieces being placed to form the shape that your future will be like. Take the good things and make them better, take the bad things and learn from them. Fight, and don’t ever stop seeking for that madness that will make you leap forward to your next adventure. Don’t get stuck on saying to yourself that what you’re doing right now is not the “right thing”, because if there are no boundaries placed before you, then you’re probably on the right track.

I’ve figured that for me, life has been hard only on my head. Life is not hard, the decisions that we take and the thoughts that we make are virtual creations from our own limitations. We are not limited. The mind is tricky, and thus, our sense of comparison beats our sense of being unique. That’s why we feel like everyone else is having a “better life” than us. Change that. You are unique. You are you. It’s a matter of making your own choices and following your own insanity.

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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