Rincón de La Vieja, Guanacaste


I love the feeling of cold water.

There’s actually very few places I know that can take you in and make you feel like your problems are fading away. Just like stress, anxiety, anger, anything becomes passive and you are left with only wholeness. Rincón de la Vieja, Guanacaste, might actually be one of my favorite ones that have these characteristics.
I really don’t get how a place can “heal” you from whatever it is that makes your mind race off into negative feelings. Rincón de la Vieja is one of this places. Amazing waterfalls, a rushing river, a primary forest, many animals; these are the things that make you want to stay for the rest of your life. Located at the the feet of the Volcano, you might stay the night at a local hotel, away from cars and smog, and only surrounded by people with great vibes who early in the morning milk cows and take horses to their stable.


Fresh glass of milk directly from the cow.

Sadly I could only stay one day, but did everything I could to use this day to the fullest. At first we went to the primary forest for birdwatching. It was an amazing place to be in because you can see some places where the ground is boiling and the ground temperature rises due to the active volcano. You can take a route to the crater of the volcano, but it takes about 4 hours just getting there walking, so we stayed at the bottom. When I got there, I stayed at “Hacienda Guachipelín”, an incredible place to hang out if you’re stressed out and tired. They also have plenty of activities to do, such as Tubing in the river, birdwatching, horseback-riding or just walk around and go to the waterfalls.


Blue-crowned MotMot at the Rincón de la Vieja primary forest.

I personally, in one day, did everything except the horseback ride, because of time, but although I enjoyed half a day, everything went better than expected. I saw types of birds that are rarely seen over here, and the waterfall we visited was totally alone (and awesome).


Tubing was very fun, actually. I was told though, that it gets much better in the rainy season because there’s more water in the river, but even so, it made me understand how foolish I am to be worrying about stuff that happens when I’m in the city just because there’s places like these that makes you smile anywhere you walk to.


Food was really good too. The local hotel makes you really feel at home. I totally recommend going here for a weekend escape. If you can stay more, please do, because this place has something to it that will drive you in.


Everything is beautiful. My country is just an amazing place to be and live. I’m still trying to encounter these places and live them one by one. I’m proud to live in such a beautiful place, I hope you can all share this experience one day and try out something different!DSC_9524 DSC_9398

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Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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