And this was the last of Brussels.


Yesterday was all about walking A LOT.

Early in the morning we sat down at the lobby to speak about both London, it’s architects and the comparison to Brussels. As we spoke, we were presented to an architect named Florence Van Den Eden, who took us around Brussels to get to know some interesting new places.


Inside of the Gothic Cathedral

We walked not long from the hotel to the Gothic Cathedral, where Florence spoke to us a little bit about the history of Brussels and how the city has been expanding, and thus losing much of it’s historic houses. Here, we went inside the Cathedral, and were shown how the building preserves the history of each year of construction, and how some of the spaces are older than others. It started in 1047, and the last structure was built in the 1930’s.

Art Nouvó and Art Decó are probably the most seen around the city. Victor Horta made an enormous impact in this influence, so we visited his house, made now a museum.


Victor Horta’s past residence.

Such amazing things to learn from this great artist. He designed absolutely everything in this residence, from furniture and details, to the complete structure of the building. We couldn’t take photos of the inside of the residence, thus I can’t show you the abnormal greatness of this house.


The last building in the city made by Horta.

There was a gas leak near this building above, therefore we couldn’t get in, yet only look at it from this perspective, sadly. Even so, we walked to the Music Museum and made the tour inside. There is probably no other museum like this in the world. It is about the most rare instruments used in history, and how they have evolved through time. You are handed headphones and a wireless device that syncs with a signal set on the floor, so you hear a small fragment of what was done with those instruments.


Museum of Music, Brussels.

After having lunch in the terrace of this building and going to Victor Horta’s residence, we were free to go, so we headed back to the Plaza and had a coffee with a Waffle. We were totally done and tired, so we headed back to the hotel to try and have a quick nap in hopes of going out at night, yet filling up the tub was so relaxing that I literally fell asleep inside of it. None of us had the strength to go out, so we decided that sleeping was the way to go. Only a small group went out to a bar called Delirium, and said it was amazing. I still don’t believe him due to the fact that the pictures he sent us was composed of mostly men, calculating a ratio of 1 woman for every 20 men. So, who knows?


Royal Palace, Brussels

We’re in the bus heading down to Brujas, where we’ll stay for a couple of hours and then we’ll be on our way to France. I hope it is an amazing day too!

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