Brujas, Amience, and Bonjour Paris!


We spent long hours in bus, yesterday, and they were exhausting.

Yesterday we had really exhausting hours in bus, yet we got to see plenty of interesting places such as the amazing Amience Cathedral.


Brujas’ Landscape.

We left Brussels early in the morning to head down to a town called Brujas, still in Belgium. The place feels cozy and simple. There are rivers that pass through the town and travel along the streets, making the scenery amazing. Such are the buildings that surround the river; not extravagant in colors, but monotone and warm. There were. It many people in the streets, probably because of the time we arrived here.


The Brujas’ street.

It is such a tranquil place that even when you tried to speak to someone with your poor French, they didn’t get cranky about the fact that you could only communicate in Spanish or English, and not French, like the rest of French-speaking countries.

After an fast passing hour here in Brujas, we got on a 2 hour ride to Amience, France. A totally different scale and a totally different feel of the city it was in Amience. Another two hours just to eat and have a look at the city, but it was enough to see the most important thing: the Cathedral.


Amience Gothic Cathedral.

The monumental architecture of this gothic cathedral leaves you speechless. As you go inside you can feel how small and meaningless your body seems, making the space feel like the presence of God is high above you, and inside the Cathedral. This is the concept behind this type of architecture; you are an ant compared to God. The texture, the silence, the scale. Everything seems like it was carved out of a giant stone.


Amience Plaza.

Later on we are at this plaza not long from the Cathedral, where we enjoyed a space that seemed like the backyard for the buildings that surrounded it. This approximation and appropriation of the citizens make the space get the attention of everyone around and make you want to stay here relaxing for the rest of the day. Writing, drawing, reading, looking and listening to the water flowing in the center of the Plaza can make time feel like it stops for only you. The umbrellas on top of you brings color to the space and let’s you understand how everyone can be shaded from the problems of the day and nothing might disturb you anymore.

After lunch we went straight ahead to Paris, on a 4 hour exhausting bus ride. We got here almost dinner time, so we got our bags in the hotel and went to have an AMAZING dinner just 2 blocks from the hotel. Later in the day we enjoyed a great Belgian beer on a pub nearby that took us straight to bed. It was a tiring day, but we at least got to know some beautiful places.

I tried posting this earlier today, but internet was failing and I had to write it three times over. I’m exhausted, but I’ll try to keep writing and posting earlier in the day.

Aur Revoir!

(Not sure if it’s spelled that way,tho.)

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