Crepès and the Tower!

This is Paris!


la Deffence
Another day, another country. This running thing has made our day really moved and our feet have got their share of kilometers.


la Vyllete.
As soon as we woke up we headed to La vyllete in bus. This park is 72 yards wide, and it’s masterplan was designed by Bernard Schumi, though it’s inside’s buildings and architecture were made by different zdesigners. There are “folié” (google that, i don’t know how to translate this from french. In spanish it’s “capricho”). Every 60 meters in this grid, there is a Folié so you get to understand where you are through the space. Buildings located here are all totally different because of the architects involved, and you can see how diverse everything feels.


Louis Vuiton Foundation
We took the bus here and ir was really difficult to maintain consciousness while we headed to the Louis Voiton Foundation. A spectacular building by Frank Ghery. The heat was unbearable though, becase the building’s plaza doesn’t have many tall trees inside. The façade is composted of over-atructured wood and metal frames and an organic cover.


Crepè in The Tower

After the LV Foundation we went straight ahead to the Quai Branly Museum, just beside the Eiffel Tower. It wasn’t long until we were at the tower’s top looking down on the city and admiring how amazing it is to look at it’s veins and structure. Walking along the tower’s pillars makes you understand how amazing this structure is and the amount of people that come here every year. Grabbing a nutella crepe and sitting on the park along the tower is a must, so we had to lay down in the plaza below just to admire the amazing scale and how the sun went down.


The tower from below.
Finally, the tower lit up and it was amazing to see how the sunset lit the tower as the lights went on.


The great city of Paris
A great day in Paris, getting to know the city. Now it’s going to be another day walking in the Parisan streets!

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