Paris and People; amazing yet complicated

Why? Well, France is amazing. Like every other European country is amazing; it’s architecture, the streets, the feeling of the Haussman language. There is something out here that bonds people in their context and you feel part of a whole. The worst thing about being here is the amount of tourism and people is exhausting. There are one too many tourists and wherever you want to go and visit (cathedral, tower, anywhere), you just don’t feel peaceful.

The first proyect we went to look at, was a social masterplan composed of vertical buildings once maintained by the government. It can be contrasted to what we see in latin-american countries, where social housing are actually houses made with recycled material or low cost.

I feel ambivalent when it comes to what i have lived here in France. We tried going to the Ghery Mediatec, though it was closed, so we couldn’t enter. There we headed directly to the Pompidou, the one i was so excited to see since the beginning.

This building is amazing. I just love it. The sun was radiating above us, but that didn’t stop us to go inside and feel the absence of supporting walls and internal structure. The exposure of the services make this building what it is and what has become to the city. It is impressive.

The heat was not helping at all when we got to Notre Dame. The sun radiated like nothing else, and we were in line to enter this amazing structure. Sadly, as i said before, there is too many people and you can’t actually feel the greatness of this place. I just wished i could encounter this space totally lonely and be in peace with the structure.

We left in a long ride in public bus away from the center to a site called Monte Matrie. There are stairs just below the Sagrado Corazón Cathedral that have an amazing view of the city. We enjoyed a couple of beers while the sun sat behind us, illuminating Paris with a calid tone.

Our tour ended here with a delicious pizza in Monte Matrie and a night walk to the hotel. I took a muscle relaxing pill to help the soreness on of my legs and feet and in no time i was knocked out.

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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