Second Lay-day, Madrid!

Yesterday we arrived at Madrid, on our second to last day in Europe! I don’t know if it was the rush from Barcelona or just that we entered the hotel at Gran Via (the most comercial road), that it felt like Madrid wasn’t that emotional and fun as Barcelona.

The place we ate at on our way to Barcelona.

I can’t really just throw that out there because i haven’t lived here, yet it was my first impression. I cind of felt like I entered an enormous shopping mall, and that didn’t feel good. It did seem like the scale of the city stayed the same, yet i didn’t really see much green nor bikes. It felt like the city wasn’t built for the walker.

Views from the bus window.

Anyways! 4 hours in bus and the first thing we did was eat. The small paella and the tapa i ate were really good. We shopped for about 3 hours and then went to the Costarican Embassy to meet the Embassador of Costa Rica in Spain. She made us recapitulate our stay and think of what will happen when we get back. It was really helpful and she is an amazing person too!

Gran vía.

Once we finished we were free, so we headed back and shopped some more until it was time for dinner. TapaTapa is probably the best, or near the best we’ve eaten at. A 10/10 in service and a 10/10 in food quality. Totally recommended!

This is where our shopping day ended! Today will be more about getting to know architecture in Madrid!

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