Back Home!

They say that there’s nothing like coming back home, I agree. The only thing I think that should be thought of is that yes, you are home, but, what did you bring back?

I think I leg go of many of the thoughts that didn’t let me get near people. Think that by looking around and living every day with 20 people I knew little of, made me start interacting on a different way to them and opening up much more than I thought I would. I think I’ve brought that home and I can see myself open to thoughts and wanting to listen more to people’s stuff, bringing as positive comments as possible. I really am flooded with happiness and I want to start doing more and more everything!

Today made me realize I’m really lucky to be part of this home and this beautiful country, I really did miss it.


I went to the organic fair with my mother, girlfriend and Molly. I had missed having breakfast at the fair and breathing that peaceful air. The 5 km run in the morning felt like they didn’t work for anything because of how full I felt after eating though…


These two are just my two favorite.


My girlfriend doesn’t like me taking pictures of her as you can see, so it’s always hard being a photographer when I all want is to take pictures of her… (The eternal struggle)


I missed this freshness, and this warmth of the people that are selling you everything. Sadly, one of the things that really weren’t that pleasing in Europe is the lack of good service that people give you. Generally, though, but even so, I try never to judge in that case, you never know what they’ve put up through.



After some work done before lunch and a quick nap, my cousin invited me to go climbing to a gym, so that’s what we did! I miss climbing so much… I’m probably getting myself the membership and start regularly going again, I really need it.


Pura Roca.

I’m probably going to keep working on an architecture project for the rest of the night, ending the day with a profound sleep!

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Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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