Back for some Adventure!

I really missed my home country and all of it’s mountains and beaches. All I’ve wanted to do since I came back is head over there and be surrounded with lots and lots of green.

When I came back, the memory that my car was ready for adventure struck me and I had no other thing on my mind that trying out my new camping site above it! Now I’m ready to head anywhere, all I need is good coffee, good companion, and the adventure that waits for us! All I want to do is write about everywhere I go and take amazing pictures of what the nature of Costa Rica has to offer, and most importantly share it with you. I have a rough list of the places I want to head on to, such as Rio Celeste, Monteverde, Roca Bruja, etc.

The Bae
The Bae

My gear is ready of what comes, I’ve got my surf board, my climbing shoes and my camera. Who needs anything else? Well, obviously the company is needed, what good does it make to find a perfect spot and not share it with those around you? Yes, I’m going to look for smiles and good vibes too, that’s what makes it all perfect. The year is almost over, I hope I can have it filled with good memories and great experiences to share with!

Providencia de Dota
Providencia de Dota

Wouldn’t you be excited to know that you’re going to camp somewhere inside this forest once you’re going down? Well, I was when we were driving down to Providencia de Dota, Cartago, and the experience was unimaginable.

I hope you can virtually (or literally) come with me to where I plan to go, and share with me (or us) this incredible adventure ahead of us!

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Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

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