Startrails in Summer

My summer vacations are coming to an end, so I decided I wanted to end them by trying out something totally different.

It’s the first time I have ever done a star trails photo, and I think it’s not that bad. This was shot in Samara Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I was shooting stars with my mother at the beach, as the tide started coming up. The trails could have even been longer, but a wave came in and moved my tripod just a little bit and that makes the complete trail look kind of blurry and not complete.

I also used a Software called Startrails.exe and the format for making it has to be .jpg, so the quality of the photo is not so sharp and looks kind of noisy. Then I just took one of the frames and photo-shopped the lower part so it looks as it was. The software makes an average of everything, but when I put it together, the beach itself doesn’t look as sharp. Then I also had another problem; when we were there, a car with it’s lights on came directly to the camera, so in two frames the whole photos were totally burned out, and that’s why there are cuts in the trails.

I think it actually is pretty good for the sake of the trails. The photo as in quality and sharpness isn’t as I would like, but well, conditions weren’t optimal, and the software probably wasn’t the best, but I think one can enjoy the view.

Here is the photo, any comments are welcome!


Not only did I take that picture, but also had a really nice time at the beach. One of the best things about it is that I could celebrate my birthday a couple of days ago with my family, friends and girlfriend!

We all had a great time kayaking, surfing, biking, and also just relaxing at the beach with a “michelada” on hand. Here are some of the pictures I took out there on vacation. I am really glad I have a family as I do, and lucky to be near the people that surround me and am thankful for that. I hope these pictures reflect just a little of that time and how happy I am to be exactly where I am.

I hope the best for you too and your family. May every day be as rich in memories as you want them to and may you experience life and nature to the fullest.



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