Comment on the 1st Photoclub Contest CR

This past Tuesday was the first Costa Rican Photoclub contest of the year, and I’m excited to say I got first place in two out of three categories!

Of these three categories, first there was “Black and White: Fences and Gates”. At first I wanted to send two photos to this category, having in mind that in total you can only participate with four photos (in the total of the three categories). My first options were:


BN-Entre sueños

At the end I chose to just send the first one. The best overall score you can get at each one of these categories is 27 points, divided by three judges what can give a minimum of 1 and a max of 9. It’s almost impossible to get a 27, and it’s almost impossible to get a 3, but even so, judges can be very picky and strict in their choices.

I got fairly good points on that first picture, but even so, the judges made it hard for everyone. My picture got into the 5th place with 19 points, and I couldn’t get feedback for my photo.

I did not send the second picture though I was about to. I think it was a good choice though because the judges were really difficult to impress.

The second Category was “Color: People Dancing”. I was lucky to find that I have been shooting for work many different types of dance styles these years, so I thought at least I could have one or two worth showing.

These were the two that I sent:



One obviously made with a Speedlight and on a more “posed” style, and the other one made as a backstage shot on stage. The first one was the winner of the category! It was my first time shooting dances in a “controlled” environment. I used the Speedlight for the shadow effect and a reflector to help the shadows on her back not be that strong, therefore leveling the dynamic range and not loose detail on the shadows.

I really love that shot. It gives a great sense of movement, and the shadow plays an important part on the composition of the photo. One of the judges even commented that if the picture is turned to be vertical, it could even help it a bit more and make it stronger.

The last category was “Free: Black and White”.

This category is really difficult for the judges to punctuate because of the variety of themes and styles. In the category you can add and substract objects, make frames, manipulate, anything that you want, therefore it’s to the artist’s creativity.

Here I only sent 1 picture because the other one I had planned to send might be used in another contest.

This is the one I chose:


I’m honored to say that this is also the winner of the category!

I love this image. I could even say it’s inside the 5 best photos I like. It got tied with another photo in score, therefore the judges had to decide between each for the first and second place. it was a very nervous moment for me because I would have NEVER imagined that I’d be first in the FIRST contest of the year, and TWICE.

When I had to comment about my own photo I didn’t even have words to express what I had planned to do in the image, nervousness got me. It was really cool, I got out there with a huge simile and excited to bring back other images for the upcoming contests in the year.

I really do hope it goes as well as it did this time and hope competition is as hard as it was for this one! There are great photographers there and each one of them really makes it hard for one to win. I’ll always be doing my best!

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