Joaquín Yglesias – Backstage

This past Saturday was the debut concert of Joaquín Yglesias, a Costa Rican tenor, with his new album “Más allá de mi vida” (Beyond my life) at the National Auditorium, and I had the opportunity of shooting backstage!


I’ve been collaborating for this new project on Joaquin Yglesias’ new album since I was called by the main photographer who did the photo shoot for the album and the artist; Tatiana Marín. I got an interest on the project due to the fact that it brings me great satisfaction knowing that a national artist has a great potential and trajectory in front through what he has built. I was called for helping on creating the backstage video for the creation of the Shoot, and then asked if I could continue at the concert for backstaging.


The Style Room, Katheryn Quesada, Victor Daniel Productions and many others have been part of the process of what has done, and they have helped throughout the making of the album.

The concert was a total success! The sound was amazing and perfectly performed by the artists up there in charge of the director Victor Daniel from StarMusicUsa, also the one who worked alongside Joaquín for the production of the album. The lighting was on point and the auditorium was totally full! He even engaged a lot with the audience and everyone was super excited!


It was an awesome night full of joy and nervousness, but still, as I have said before; the start of something amazing! I’ll leave the gallery of what I shot on backstage and hope you can enjoy it!

I am on the process of making the backstage video and as soon as I have it, post it here.


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