Vezelay, Ronchamp, Belfort and good food.

Vézelay Cathedral

Finally! Good food!

Probably the thing i’ve been disappointed is the lack of good food in Paris. I mean, probably on a good budget, time, and luck, you might get to eat really good, but on my luck, my time and budget, i didn’t have that nice of an opportunity. Probably the first Parisian restaurant and the one in Monte Matrie were the only good ones.

The best macaroons!
On our way to Vézelay all of us slept a lot. It was a long way, but i think it’s been totally worth it. Strange thing about Vézelay is that there are no kids around. The place might sometime become a ghost town because only adults live here, and even so, there aren’t many. Probably another problem is the lack of jobs, basically because of the same problem; no people. By the way, it’s cold (i loves this), in a mountain top, and there’s a lot of wind. It’s incredibly peaceful, and people are super warm. If you ever come here, eat Macaroons! They are the best in the world.

Back to the bus and straight to Ronchamp. This town is the home of The Ronchamp Chapel (Notre Dame d’Aut), one of the greatest buildings designed by Le Corbusier in 1952-1953. The space inside is breathtaking, total must-see if you are near.

Notre Dame d’Aut by Le Corbusier
We ended in Belfort almost at the end of the day, so we decided to find a place to eat. Recommended by the hotel mademoiselle at the lobby, and it was probably the best recommendation someone has ever given us. It was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel in a town with also very very few people, though it looks like any other normal city. The best dinner since London, probably, so we ended given a huge tip and then walking the lonely city.

Belfort Landscape
Great day, either way; mostly in bus, but i was really excited to see Ronchamp and also ended up loving Vézelay.

Today it’s a bus day because we’re headed to Switzerland, so it’ll be many hours sitting down and watching the landscape. Hopefully it’s another great day!

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