Wagon 4, seat 17A

Good luck in Il’Duomo.

Woke up in Lugano, a beautiful city with one of the most amazing landscapes i’ve ever seen.

This day was the day we met Mario Botta! Everyone was sharp at 8:30 ready to go because we didn’t want to be late. Mario did stay with us for some time and greeted us in his office. He couldn’t stay with us much so his daughter showed us around. The office is amazing, and in contrast to Foster’s and Roger’s office, Mario’s is composed of only 30 people, and no offices anywhere else.

Mario making us a drawing.

As soon as we were taken around the office, we went back to the bus in direction of Milan to see il’ Duomo. What a spectacular building! No picture will bring homage to the detail and structure of this place. The plaza, the buildings around, and mostly the space that is given to the citizens with architecture, that’s what makes Il’Duomo’s plaza so amazing.

Il’ Duomo

We took off from Milan in train on the route to Venice, where we’ll stay for a couple of days. Now i’m in a “bus” navigating through the waters of Venice in the search of awesome!

Train Ride.

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