Venice! 9415 Wagon 7 15A 

Woke up to an wonderful sun coming up the buildings of Venice. This is the city I was waiting to visit since the start of this journey. The inconvenient we were to experience was the Sun that shown above. 

The heat started to rise early in the morning, as we took the bus to the islets of Venice. All of us took precautions and put our shorts on and sunscreen because we knew it was probably going to get hot, as it did. With a radiating sun we walked through the streets of Venice, and i think the photos might speak for themselves!

Canals of Venice

The Grand Canale

Walking through Venice

On the Gondola through the Canales!

Published by Roberto López

Photographer, artist and videographer on the amazing process of life.

2 thoughts on “Venice! 9415 Wagon 7 15A 

    1. Hey! Thank you very much! Do so, but try to come when summer is not at it’s peak. You won’t have such a good time trying to hide from the sun!

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