Rome has treated us Right.

Sorry. Yesterday i didn’t have the energy to write; i lost all the pictures from Venice. Long story short; i deleted them because i thought they were already saved. Trying to save get them back yesterday got me so exhaused and bummed out, that i just couldn’t write.

So… Rome! The first project we went to see was the Ara Pacis intervened by Richard Meier. An amazing intervention that doesn’t compete with the Ara Pacis, and lets it shine like the monument it is. The second one we visited was one by Piere Luigi Nervi; a dome made of concrete, the first one of it’s type; a concrete slab that looks organic. Not long from that building is an auditorium masterplan by Renzo Piano. This one is composed of 3 internal auditoriums and one outside. The three internal ones looks like shells from inside, and a door was not closed well, so we snuck in, and internally it really is beautiful.

Pier Luigi Nervi’s dome

Renzo Piano.

We went back to the sun and headed to the Maxxi; Saha Hadid’s museum. It really doesn’t seam like a Saha, given that it has many straight lines, looks contemporary, and is not that “organic”, but even so, it does give a professional’s perspective on space and all of the internal architecture looks balanced and well distributed.

Inside the Vatican.

We set off for the Sistine Chapel with low hopes of small crowds no lines, yet, once we ate and headed inside the museum, there were actually no lines. We went right through and saw the Sistine Chapel without the need of being clogged up inside and all those stories told. The best part of this day was heading to the San Pedro Basilica when we were told it was closed, entering the security post in hopes of only seeing the outside of the building, seeing it was open, entering, and guess who was giving the mass? The pope Francisco himself! Yes, and he passed just in front of us when mass finished. Everything came out right without us looking for it. It was a great day!

The pope at church.

Setting sun of this day!

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