Last day in Rome!

Plaza by Michelangelo.

Early morning wake-up. That really gets you tired, yet makes you feel like the day lasts what it should. Our walk started in the Coliseum; the new wonder of the world, and a structure that has a history of being so useful it makes you think about how technology works these days… They could literally fill the arena up with water, the underground didn’t get filled up, and could drain it again in the same day. That just really makes me ponder on what we can do now a days.

The coliseum.

We also got to visit a couple of churches of the Vatican and some apart from it that lets you feel the space and gaze up to observe the beauty of art in these pieces.

Soon after a couple of the most perfect gelatos in the Plaza Navona and lunch, we headed to the Pantheon. There is no picture and no video that can describe how amazing it is to see the light coming from the space above the structure. This is the only light entrance and it is what it needs, and the thought that it is a perfect semi-sphere, makes you wonder about technology now-a-days and technology back then.

The Pantheon outside

I ended my day going back for some things i hadn’t bought at the San Pedro Basilisk, and the taking clothe to the cleaning spot. Yet, as always; it was a day to remember, not every day you enter the Pantheon!

The Pantheon Inside.

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