Arrival at Barcelona; all expectations revoked!

Yesterday we arrived at probably till today my favorite city from the trip. We left Italy early in the morning to fly to Spain. Here, Barcelona started at lunch in a recommended restaurant at Plaza Molina where finally we could eat cheap and really good.

Camp Nou

Soon after we ate we headed to the Ciudad Universitaria (College city), where the Camp Nou Stadium, and Barça Store. The master plan of this project really is impressive. I didn’t have time to go inside the stadium, but i’ve been told it really is worth the pay.

Monumento de Colón.

When we left the Camp Nou, we took the metro to La Rambla, a popular street full of bars, restaurant and people, 2km of them. At the end of the street is the monument of Cristobal Colón, who we thought was pointing to America, but really is actually pointing the other way, just to the sea. Yes, we were ignorant about the fact, haha… The vibe in Barcelona is totally different from what i thought, and people really are relaxed and treat you right! I had an expectation that was revoked once stepping foot in Spain because i thought by being a tourist i was going to be treated wrong, yet i haven’t had that experience, and that just makes me feel at home.

La Boquería!


We visited La Boquería, the local market, and saliva just dripped from our mouths because of the delicious everything! Our appetite opened and we ended drinking A LOT of sangría and some tapas at the Rambla, that concluded an amazing day!

This is how we saw the night crawl in!

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