Lay Day

El David by Michelangelo

The last day in Florence was probably our only “Lay day”. It started walking to the museum to get to see the David sculpture. It was out only “guided event”. Once we finished we were free to walk around the city (below the sun). It was nice though, it was the perfect time to look for family presents and such, so we went to the market and walked around for a while until lunch time.

Veggie at the Market

Lunch was okay at the market. Veggie burger. When we finished the decision was made to go up the Duomo of Florence. Good and bad decision though; it was hot, tiring, and people didn’t fit on the way up, but the price to look at the city from above was absolutely rewarding. We stayed here as long as we could bare the heat and then walked to the hotel to sit down and wait for the time to leave to Assisi.

The city.

Time flew at the train station and in a quick two hour trip we were at Assisi entering in taxi to the old city. It was probably the best and cheapest dinner we had and were treated like kings. At the end of the day we enjoyed a cup of wine on the central plaza and relaxing for our next day exploring Assisi!

View from above.

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