Jiménez Deredia, Sienna, and San Gimignano

Yesterday’s Highlight: Jorge Jiménez Deredia. Probably one of the greatest person to listen to because of wisdom on life, spirituality, architecture and history. He’s been working on marble sculptures that represent our transmutation from phisical to spiritual beings, and centering his studies on the Costarrican indian spheres to try and get our history back. Listening to him makes you rethink about who you are and what you want to do in life, always with a purpose.

Him and his wife even invited us to wine and food!

The bus felt like it was going to fall apart, but luckily it didn’t and we could safely get to Sienna. A small town with tall buildings and narrow streets, and also with a huge plaza in it’s center that is sometimes filled up with sand to be used for horse racing. This is also the place where the Ode to The Good and Bad Government art piece is, one of my favorites. It’s also home of the myth of Romulus and Remulus, the creators of Rome.

The plaza.

Lupa con Gemenni

Walked back to the bus and made a stop at San Gimignano, a very small and beautiful town on a hill in Toscana. I decided to stay away from the crowds and for the hour i had walked alone through the small streets. It felt so peaceful and tranquil that my face totally lit up for the rest of the day!

San Gimignano’s streets.

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