Leading lines and Rythm

imageThe London bridge and it’s Weather

Walking, walking, walking and staring in awe at magnificent perspectives of the city; that’s what happened yesterday in the city of London. I still have sore feet from it, yet it was totally worth it.
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London Bound and… Start!


And it all starts above the Clouds.

The nervous ants in my stomach were really strong driving to the airport at midday from yesterday. All I was thinking of was the idea of leaving for a whole month to an unknown place and getting to know such amazing and historical cities.

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Rincón de La Vieja, Guanacaste


I love the feeling of cold water.

There’s actually very few places I know that can take you in and make you feel like your problems are fading away. Just like stress, anxiety, anger, anything becomes passive and you are left with only wholeness. Rincón de la Vieja, Guanacaste, might actually be one of my favorite ones that have these characteristics.
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Seek, seek, seek!


Find your madness, let it take over.

There is not a single human being that has ever experienced some kind of madness; you are not an exception. Go back, remember. Who are you? Where are you going? Well, follow that madness, you never know. Let me explain.

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Vibes under Construction


We vibrate. That’s not an assumption, it’s a fact.

Everything vibrates. The drink you’re sipping right now and it’s smell, the table you’re working on, the light that’s coming into your room, the sound of birds chirping, or even your still body at the moment. It’s vibration that cause attraction between the things that moves you, and it’s also vibration that repels you from the things that don’t. You are always vibrating because atoms are moving, and atoms need to move in order to keep your body in one piece; they are in a constant exchanging on energy so that their composition never fades.

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My View of Life Through Surfing

A man doing Yoga in the morning at the Santa Cruz Beach, with the pier in front of him, California, USA.

You might want to stretch before we jump right into the water…

I have a little thing for making analogies of what I do in comparison to my life, or just life in general. Today, I’ll speak about Surfing cause I went yesterday for an early morning session. This are all analogies, be open minded to my view.Continue reading “My View of Life Through Surfing”

Getting your Hands on Fresh Air

WAKE UP! Smell fresh air!  You’re in paradise, one of the world’s smallest yet most nature abundant country in the planet!

So, say; it’s a friday and you decided not to go out because all of your friends are in a party you were not invited to, or your girlfriend (or boyfriend) went out with his/her friends and you just decide to chill at home. Cool. You play a movie on Netflix and cry your eyes out with the 29834234 time you watched Titanic, I don’t know. But the best thing about it all is that you get a lot of rest and the next day’s going to be Saturday. So you hit one of your best hommies and decide to do something different. So, here’s a list of 4 things you might want to try out on a different weekend out here in the tropics!Continue reading “Getting your Hands on Fresh Air”

The Thing about Running

Running, running, running.

Doesn’t it always fell like you’re running against something?
Always. Running.

Running against time, running against your co-workers, running against yourself… It typically starts off at college; you’re running against trying to get better grades, being better than your friends and always comparing grades. Quizzes, exams, projects, it’s all about getting the best grades; who’s smatter. And to what goal? Getting into a better university. OK. I guess it’s a valid reason, but for whom? Are you really sure in tenth grade till you graduate or do IB (International Baccalaureate)  you already know what you’re going to study and know that those grades were meant for something?Continue reading “The Thing about Running”

To All of You.

So, what to post about?

Yes, I live in Paradise; a small country in the middle of the amazingly huge “Americas” called Costa Rica. We are the bond between the North and the South, and it’s where most birds have to travel through when they migrate in different stages of the year. That’s the main reason why we have more variety of birds in our forests than Canada and the United States [857 species, in fact] combined.


Even so, Paradise is a common misconception, given that by that term all of you feel that beaches and forests surrounds us, and that we live stress free from every problem. Well, we don’t. We still have a job to attend to, a family to take care, relationships to grow and dogs to nurture. But on the other hand, we truly are lucky to have beaches really near from the capital. We are always as near as about 2 hours  to the beach or a rainforest (by car) from any point of the country, aprox (I’m right, open your mouth in awe, don’t google it. *Googles it and doesn’t find it*).

So, what I think is more important in what I’m writting, is to try and give you my opinion of life and what makes me happy from inside this 51,100 km2 country, or inside this 1260cm3 [I love Wiki] brain. Paradise is everything. Paradise is that way you feel wherever you are; your planet, or your skin, so try and give life to that Paradise with different perspectives and you will always find Perks.

Just let me show you how to fill your shoes differently and where they can take you.