Vezelay, Ronchamp, Belfort and good food.

Vézelay Cathedral

Finally! Good food!

Probably the thing i’ve been disappointed is the lack of good food in Paris. I mean, probably on a good budget, time, and luck, you might get to eat really good, but on my luck, my time and budget, i didn’t have that nice of an opportunity. Probably the first Parisian restaurant and the one in Monte Matrie were the only good ones.

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The last of Paris!

Campos Elisios before the Louvre.

Compared to the other French days, we had a cold day. And soon as we walked out of the hotel, it started raining. Obviously, because in my country the forecast is always wrong, i didn’t take a jacket with me, therefore i got wet and had to relay on a friend’s umbrella.

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Paris and People; amazing yet complicated

Why? Well, France is amazing. Like every other European country is amazing; it’s architecture, the streets, the feeling of the Haussman language. There is something out here that bonds people in their context and you feel part of a whole. The worst thing about being here is the amount of tourism and people is exhausting. There are one too many tourists and wherever you want to go and visit (cathedral, tower, anywhere), you just don’t feel peaceful.
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And this was the last of Brussels.


Yesterday was all about walking A LOT.

Early in the morning we sat down at the lobby to speak about both London, it’s architects and the comparison to Brussels. As we spoke, we were presented to an architect named Florence Van Den Eden, who took us around Brussels to get to know some interesting new places.

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