A Stop in Valencia!

4 hours in bus is not a joke. It’s tiring, boring, and many others… That’s what it took us yesterday to come from Barcelona to Valencia since 8:30 in the morning.
I had been told that the paella at Valencia so as we parked the bus and after like a half hour of evacuating my bladder, we went for the famous plate. Totally disappointed i must say. Maybe it was the restaurant at a small alley that looked local that didn’t make it like it should, but it wasn’t that good.

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Barcelona; an ode to Gaudí. 

Waking up was the hardest part. After the day before yesterday we kind of drank a bit too much, yet had such a fun time! My roommate and I obviously didn’t wake up at 6:30 am to be ready at 8:30 when we all got to the hotel at 4 am… So, as soon as we understood that the group left us, we took out time to have a decent breakfast and look at the itinerary so we could meet up with the group.

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Barcelona; i’m in love!

Ok. Seriously: i’m in love with this city. Yesterday was so amazing that i’m about to leave it all behind and stay here (I won’t though, yet…). There is a charm behind every activity you do and just makes you want to fell and see more than is in front of you.

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Arrival at Barcelona; all expectations revoked!

Yesterday we arrived at probably till today my favorite city from the trip. We left Italy early in the morning to fly to Spain. Here, Barcelona started at lunch in a recommended restaurant at Plaza Molina where finally we could eat cheap and really good.
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Last day in Rome!

Plaza by Michelangelo.

Early morning wake-up. That really gets you tired, yet makes you feel like the day lasts what it should. Our walk started in the Coliseum; the new wonder of the world, and a structure that has a history of being so useful it makes you think about how technology works these days… They could literally fill the arena up with water, the underground didn’t get filled up, and could drain it again in the same day. That just really makes me ponder on what we can do now a days.

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Rome has treated us Right.

Sorry. Yesterday i didn’t have the energy to write; i lost all the pictures from Venice. Long story short; i deleted them because i thought they were already saved. Trying to save get them back yesterday got me so exhaused and bummed out, that i just couldn’t write.

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Lay Day

El David by Michelangelo

The last day in Florence was probably our only “Lay day”. It started walking to the museum to get to see the David sculpture. It was out only “guided event”. Once we finished we were free to walk around the city (below the sun). It was nice though, it was the perfect time to look for family presents and such, so we went to the market and walked around for a while until lunch time.

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Jiménez Deredia, Sienna, and San Gimignano

Yesterday’s Highlight: Jorge Jiménez Deredia. Probably one of the greatest person to listen to because of wisdom on life, spirituality, architecture and history. He’s been working on marble sculptures that represent our transmutation from phisical to spiritual beings, and centering his studies on the Costarrican indian spheres to try and get our history back. Listening to him makes you rethink about who you are and what you want to do in life, always with a purpose.

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Florece and the Sun

From Venice to Florence

Yes. The heat. The heat. Wow, you have no idea about the heat. (Probably you do, i don’t know, but i didn’t). Florence is about history, and about most of the known names you’ve heard about, like the Medici, or you’ve studied about the Renascence and all of their artists. This is Florence.
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Venice! 9415 Wagon 7 15A 

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